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Terms and conditions for obtaining Jay Jalaram Mukhwas franchise.

1. To start with, the franchisee will have to pay Rs. 5 lakh as a deposit amount for the contract term of 5 years.

2. Initially, the franchisee will have to buy goods worth Rs. 11 lakh from the franchise, to start the store.

3. At the end of every year, the franchisee will be given a discount of 1 lakh rupees in the total bill of purchase of goods from the franchise. In this way, the franchisee will have the deposit amount of Rs. 5 lakh back with him at the end of 5 years.

4. After 5 years, the renewal of the contract will be done with a new deposit of Rs. 5 lakh by the franchisee.

5. The franchise is open to be given for stores in india as well as abroad.

6. The franchisee will have to bear the transport cost and the import or export cost if any.

7. The product range consists of Mukhwas, Namkeens , Masala, Pickles, Sharbats and Mocktails, Sweets, imported organic fruits, dry fruits and other miscelleneous items. The franchisee will have the right to pick the items for the store.

8. Minimum 500 sq. ft area will be required for the retail store (owned or rented ) . For wholesale business, the franchisee will have to own or rent a warehouse.

9. Only 1 franchise will be given per area. No other franchise will be given in a radius of 5 kms from a particular franchise.

10. All the franchise address will be displayed on our website

11. The franchise owns the right to terminate the contract anytime if the franchisee is not obeying the terms and conditions. Once the contract is terminated by the franchise, the balance deposit amount will not be given back to the franchisee.

12. The franchisee will have to work under our support and guidance under Jay Jalaram Mukhwas, our registered brand name for the contract period.

13. After the contract period is completed or terminated, the franchisee will not be able to use the Jay Jalaram Mukhwas brand name. If any is found using it, legal actions will be taken against the person or company.

14. All the techniques and tricks of the business and support to run the store will be given to the franchisee .

15. Trust and relation is the base of any franchise business which is applicable for this franchise too.

( since 2000 )
Jay Jalaram Mukhwas ®️
S.B.36.A, Windsor Plaza ,
Below Mohanlal Tea Shop,
R.C Dutt Road, Alkapuri, Baroda, India
Mobile number :- 9825178139.
Proprietor :- Umang A Thakkar.